Video: We Call It Farmgirlfit

We Call It Farmgirlfit from Farmgirlfit on Vimeo.

It is not about a gym. It is about a time and space where you can put your worst behind you. It is a renewal of hope about who you can become. It is a transcendent possibility that every woman needs to hear that not only there is a place, but there is a way. It is a way to be strong in every fiber of who you are.  It is not limited.  Not by walls, not by ceilings, not by me. It is the grinding away of my weakness and the glimpse of my shine.

A big big “Thanks” to Travis Knight of Fort Knight Films, to The Rickey Ranch at Green Bluff, and of course to all of the members who make Farmgirlfit more than just a gym.

Production Shots

Workout Equipment

Travis and the Actresses

Farmgirlfit Workout

Farmgirlfit Running

Farmgirlfit Sunset



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  1. This was such a great day out in the country; beautiful scenery, great people, some sprints & back squats, a very talented director, awesome sunset. What an amazing outcome!

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