Going the Distance, At Any Age

When Farmgirlfit trainer Jeni Davaz competed in her first triathlon, she knew that she’d be a triathlete for life — even if it wasn’t easy.

“After nearly drowning, racing on a mountain bike, and feeling like I was running with cinder block shoes, I knew I was hooked,” she says.

Today, Davaz has competed in 17 triathlons, and continues to maintain her addiction to the three-part races.

Spokane Triathlon Finishers

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Strong Mind, Strong Body

There’s a reason for the 10-minute warm-up before the Grind at Farmgirlfit: to stretch, to get in the zone, and to mentally prepare for whatever lies ahead. It’s a time to shift away from the workday, family life, and outside stress, and be present and in the moment.

That idea — of being present — is something that Farmgirlfit wants members to further practice, with the help of a new partnership with Spokane Yoga Shala, a local yoga studio. Yoga, according to Yoga Shala owner Katie Gehn, is a natural complement to your normal workout routine at Farmgirlfit — a practice that comes with a host of mental and physical benefits.

“Yoga complements any other activity by teaching a person how to interact with the present moment,” she says, noting that yoga teaches a person to move consciously and with careful thought.

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