Fight The Sugar Blues!

The holiday season is a tough time to be watching your sweet tooth. With holiday parties, office snacks and candy and chocolates around every corner, it can be tough to stay in control.

But there are good reasons to watch your sugar intake — right now and all year long. This Saturday at 1 pm, Farmgirlfit member and nutrition coach Donell Barlow will host a workshop called “Sugar Blues”at Farmgirlfit. We checked in with Donell to hear a little bit about why sugar is important to watch in your diet, and some of her secrets to being such a dynamo in the gym.

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The Season for Many Thanks

Every day the women of Farmgirlfit impress us with their physical performances, whether it be improving a benchmark weight or time, jumping on a taller box, performing multiple double unders, or pushing through the Grind without resting. Even though as trainers we expect to see these improvements, we sincerely enjoy celebrating these milestones with our members on a daily basis. This last October the women of Farmgirlfit impressed us more than we ever expected. We posed a physical challenge called “Pennies for Pull-ups” which would raise money for a local charity while requiring our members to “work” for the money. Many members were able to get outside sponsors to donate, while still being required to complete the pull-ups to ensure they received the money from their sponsors.

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