The Season for Many Thanks

Every day the women of Farmgirlfit impress us with their physical performances, whether it be improving a benchmark weight or time, jumping on a taller box, performing multiple double unders, or pushing through the Grind without resting. Even though as trainers we expect to see these improvements, we sincerely enjoy celebrating these milestones with our members on a daily basis. This last October the women of Farmgirlfit impressed us more than we ever expected. We posed a physical challenge called “Pennies for Pull-ups” which would raise money for a local charity while requiring our members to “work” for the money. Many members were able to get outside sponsors to donate, while still being required to complete the pull-ups to ensure they received the money from their sponsors.

About half way through the month of October, our members realized that these pull-ups were adding up fast, every day! If a member didn’t come in from Friday to Monday, they had a heck of a lot of pull-ups to do that day to catch up. It seemed like before or after every class there would be a few ladies stopping by in their day or business clothes to jump up to the pull-up bar. Although our gym location is pretty convenient, we were very impressed with the ladies that went out of their way (sometimes with children in toe) to stop by the gym and log their pull-ups. They were working hard for those pennies and determined to raise as much money as they could.

At the end of the month we tallied the pull-ups and began to gather the funds. We became more and more overwhelmed during the collection week. We knew we would have a healthy donation by holding up our part of the bargain; donating a penny for every pull-up that our members logged. What we didn’t really grasp was the number of sponsors or outright donations that our members had been working hard to collect throughout the entire month.  Here’s what you get when you challenge a group of extraordinary women to raise money for a local Women & Children’s shelter:

  • 50 FGF Members participated
  • Completed a collective 43,129 Pull-ups from October 1st-31st
  • Collected $3,000.27
  • Farmgirlfit donated 1 penny for each pull-up = $431.29
  • TOTAL donation to St. Margaret’s Shelter of Spokane = $3,431.56

We want to personally thank each and every member that logged even 1 pull-up in the month of October. We are so amazed as what you were able to accomplish. It means so much to us to be able to donate such a significant amount of money to such a deserving organization. St. Margaret’s is a wonderful, positive place where approximately 18 women and 40 children currently live. It’s a safe, clean place where these women can live, work, and raise their children after they’ve experienced such hardship. Everyone that participated in this fundraiser has directly helped these Spokane women and children on their journey to a better life. There are many ways in which the donation will be put to use and we look forward to hearing from and working with Jody and the wonderful women of St. Margaret’s. The work those women do there is simply wonderful.

Thank you to every sponsor that donated to a Farmgirlfit member. We know that during the holidays you will be asked to donate multiple times to many different organizations, which in many ways is the spirit of the season. In this instance your contribution not only went to an amazing local charity that could easily be overlooked, but it gave confidence to the woman you sponsored. You didn’t just give $5, $10, or $20 dollars, you showed your wife, friend, or relative that you acknowledge her journey to be fit and respect her ability to do pull-ups and work hard! Thank you for supporting one of our awesome Farmgirfit ladies that accepts any challenge with 100% effort and grace.

Farmgirlfit ladies,

You continue to amaze us with your dedication to being strong, confident, positive, and supportive women in the Spokane community. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your effort and donations.

With Love & Admiration,

The Farmgirlfit Team & Trainers- Jenni Niemann, Jaunessa Walsh, Liz Regalado, Laura Wambold, & Jeni Davaz




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