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Farmgirlfit Member Bloggers

Did you know we have some great bloggers that attend Farmgirlfit? Naturally, their FGF training seems to come up in conversation and we love to hear each of their perspectives, accomplishments, inspiration, and future goals.

With her HealthyDiva blog, Tasha describes how she suggests you fit running into a 3-day Farmgirlfit membership. Tasha uses Farmgirlfit as a supplement to improve her specific sport of marathon running.

Casey Balzano provides a hilarious take on the “Faileo” diet as well as including the  occasional shout out to Farmgirlfit and everything in between. Check out the Daily Balzy:

You can also follow dedicated FGF member and blogger Amanda as she takes on  Farmgirlfit’s Sugar Smackdown challenge of eliminating sugar for the entire month of February. She provides a creative insight as well as healthy, sugarless meals.

Are you an FGF member and a blogger? Let us know so that we can be sure to follow you too!

Elimination Diet

By Donell Barlow

Do you struggle with symptoms like bloating, gas, joint pain and fatigue?  Have you tried everything on the market to alleviate these symptoms but have received little or no relief?  You might be one of the many people who suffer from food intolerances: a reaction to a food, beverage, or food additive. Food intolerances can be a result of an absence of specific enzymes that are needed to digest any food substance. And for some people, studies are also showing that eating the same foods everyday over a period of time can also bring on these reactions.

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