Fitness Can Be Mental: Tips For A Positive & Worthwhile Work-out

Susan BBy Susan Brown, Farmgirlfit Intern Extaordinaire

When it comes to working out, it seems that people can fall into one of two categories; those who cannot get enough of it and those who it would be easier to pull teeth. For those of you that can’t get enough, the motivation and the will to get to the gym and push yourself rarely escapes you. However, for those of you that struggle to find the determination and enthusiasm to first, make it to the gym, and then really push yourself, there are some things you can do to make a workout much more enjoyable and over time something you look forward to in your daily routine.

Most of the anxieties and apprehension that surrounds those of us who struggle to workout are psychological and I’ve come up with some tips that are key in changing your mindset so you actually make it to the gym and have a positive experience while there!

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Farmgirlfit Tips: Mastering the Double Under!

After over a year of watching everyone at Farmgirlfit master double unders around me, I wondered why I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. I mean, I’m uncoordinated — but not that uncoordinated.

And then, a couple weeks ago, I realized I was using a rope that was about a foot too short for me. Oops. For some reason I was always grabbing that orange-handled rope — one I learned is for someone that’s about 5-foot-2. I’m 5-10.

Now that I’m working with the right equipment, I’m on my way. And I thought it might be good to ask for a few tips that can help with mastering the art of double unders. Farmgirlfit trainers Jenni Niemann and Laura Wambold weighed in with some great advice.

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A Year Or So Later: Melissa Brown



Hi everyone, it has almost been a year since my first blog post for Farmgirlfit. I went back and read it the other day to remind myself how motivated I was at the beginning of my journey. Sometimes you have to look back remind yourself where you are going.

I won’t lie, the last year has had its ups and downs.  I sometimes felt like there was always something wrong with me! I had pneumonia, had an infected shin from a missed box jump, it seemed one thing after another, oh and last but not least I had a shoulder injury.  All of which did not keep me away from my daily Grind three days a week at Farmgirlfit. The scars on my shins and legs are now badges of honor knowing I can jump a 24” box and climb a rope to the ceiling. Call me crazy but I LOVE IT!

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