Farmgirlfit Endurance Training


Alright ladies, it’s time to get endurancified! We have programmed and planned endurance training to be included with your regular Farmgirlfit membership. Our goal is to offer this program as a supplement to the normal Grind schedule to help you realize that you truly can enjoy running, biking, and swimming! The best way to get better at something is to 1) Learn how to do the task properly 2) Practice it –  we’ve conveniently set it into your tight weekly schedule 3) Stay motivated – you’ll be with an awesome group of like-minded ladies, and there will be rewards!

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We Are Born to Run With Purpose

National Best Selling author of Born to Run, Christopher McDougall stopped off in Spokane to run with the locals and discuss his book. Invited as part of the Get Lit! Festival he spoke of his journey to become a successful writer, future projects, and his passion for running. Jenni attended the event and shares her experience with the book and meeting the author.

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Food Energetics: You Are What You Eat

By Donell Barlow

Are you tired of thinking of food in terms of calories, carbs, fats and protein? Maybe you’re always trying the new fad diets out there — the ones that make you count calories, and eliminate carbs — and then as soon as you go off the diet you gain all of the weight back.

After everything I have learned on my own journey of a health and through my education of nutrition I have found that balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and you are unique in your own needs.

Food energetics is the relationship between how a particular food is grown and cultivated, and how it is cooked and combined with other foods. The energy that you receive as a result either positive or negative is determined by your choices. By getting back to more traditional foods and trusting your own intuition you will nourish your body with what it needs and energetically be balanced.

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