Food Energetics: You Are What You Eat

By Donell Barlow

Are you tired of thinking of food in terms of calories, carbs, fats and protein? Maybe you’re always trying the new fad diets out there — the ones that make you count calories, and eliminate carbs — and then as soon as you go off the diet you gain all of the weight back.

After everything I have learned on my own journey of a health and through my education of nutrition I have found that balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and you are unique in your own needs.

Food energetics is the relationship between how a particular food is grown and cultivated, and how it is cooked and combined with other foods. The energy that you receive as a result either positive or negative is determined by your choices. By getting back to more traditional foods and trusting your own intuition you will nourish your body with what it needs and energetically be balanced.

Our ancestors were connected with nature and had a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of all things. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Before synthetic supplements, vitamins and antibiotics, people cured themselves of ailments with food. Modern nutrition has lost all that knowledge and we, as a nation, are disconnected and unhealthier than ever.

There are a few things I would like you to consider when thinking about what foods we put into our bodies.

I want to address factory farming first because it has huge repercussions on us energetically. Factory farmed cows are not allowed to graze on grass, instead they are fed corn, grain or, in some cases, dead cows. They develop high amounts of stress, anxiety and depression as a result of these inhumane conditions. Studies show that humans who over consume these foods can manifest the very same symptoms. But, when cows are grass-fed and allowed to mature properly it energetically warms the body and contributes to endurance and strength. This applies to all other factory farmed animals in these conditions, I strongly advise to choose grass-fed beef, and other meat products where the animals are treated humanely. Animals in their natural environment are nutritionally superior and energetically superior.

Plants have strong energetic qualities that vary depending on how it was grown and if pesticides were used in the process. Plants that are grown organically have more nutrition and release stored energy and vitality. I strongly advise growing your own food if possible. Avoid all GMO foods —  they are shown to destroy biodiversity and sterilize land by eliminating vital microorganisms and are nutritionally inferior.

Cooking your own food at home will add to your food energetically as well, plus you will have more control of the quality of food you are eating. You will have more balanced meals that help with weight control, and save money in the long run. Try to shop at local farmers markets for better quality, which will support sustainability in your community.

Macrobiotics is not a diet, it is a lifestyle that includes traditional foods, whole grains and veggies that are in harmony with the seasons. Macrobiotics emphasizes individual differences — such as where you live, what you do, and present state of health. A typical meal breaks down to 50 percent whole grains, 20-30 percent locally grown vegetables, 5-10 percent soups, 5-10 percent beans and sea veggies, and 5 percent fish, meats, beverages or condiments. In macrobiotics, you don’t count calories. Instead, it is about choosing foods that balance each other so you can balance yourself.

The balance of Yin/yang are an important part of Macrobiotics. These opposing forces exist in all things. Yin is feminine energy and has an outward direction that releases expansion. Some examples are leafy greens, fruit and sugar or baked goods — foods that create cooling in the body. Yang is masculine energy and has an inward direction that releases expansion. Examples of yang are meats, hard cheeses and eggs — foods that create warmth in the body. Every meal contains a balance of yin/yang, these selections result in good health and harmony within the body.

Exercise is a very essential part of macrobiotic lifestyle. We have 14 meridians that run up and down the body that extend to our internal organs and external body parts. When we maintain good electromagnetic energy flow through the meridians it create harmony and balance in the body. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are good ways incorporate this into your daily life.

I invite you try to eat more energetically, trust your intuition and see what benefits you may receive!



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