Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Sarah

This week we’d like you to meet Sarah, who joined Farmgirlfit in September 2012, and has made tremendous strides ever since.  This summer, as the only Farmgirlfit competitor in the Women’s Division of Fittest in the Park, Sarah won the first event and placed 4th overall!  A couple weeks ago, she broke her foot playing softball, but hasn’t let that slow her down, continuing to come in on a regular basis and keeping up with her pull-ups for our charity fundraiser.


Name and age: Sarah Depue, 34

Occupation: Surgical Account Executive for Ecolab Healthcare

When I see ________ on the board at Farmgirlfit, I get happy.

“One-rep clean-and-jerk max”.  Love it!

When I see _____ on the board at Farmgirlfit, I groan and think about running away.

Turkish get-ups.  I would rather clean toilets. Continue reading