Sugar Freedom

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Welcome to Farmgirlfit’s 8 week progressive challenge to emancipate yourself from the stronghold of sugar.  The challenge officially kicks off Saturday February 1st and will run for 8 weeks until March 28th.  Each week will focus on a different sugar or sugar product.  Your challenge is to eliminate that product from your diet that week, and each successive week until the 8 weeks are up.

Throughout the challenge, we will educate you about sugar, its many forms and names, and the negative effects it has on our bodies.  Our goal is to help you recognize where and how you consume sugar, and to motivate you to remove those sources from your diet.  We’ll provide you with substitutes, alternatives, and recipes, and even award prizes!  Are you ready to reclaim your independence from sugar?

Participation is Easy:

  1. Declare your freedom:  Sign your name to our “Declaration of Sugar Freedom,” agreeing to accept the weekly challenges and do your best to conquer each one.
  2. Partner up:  Find another member to be your “No Sugar Sweetie,” and help each other stay motivated and accountable throughout the 8 weeks. Continue reading

Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Annette and Stephanie

annette and stephanie

Names and ages:

Annette, 52

Stephanie, 27


Annette: “Happily Unemployed”

Stephanie: School Psychologist

My favorite exercise at FGF is:

Annette: I really like the option of rowing instead of running during workouts. I like squats because they used to be so hard and hurt my knees and now they don’t!

Stephanie: Box jumps! It is one of the few exercises (probably only exercise actually) that came pretty easily to me and I could improve on quickly.

My least favorite exercise at FGF is:

Annette: Plate Pushes (enough said)

Stephanie: Bears. Really anything ground to overhead. Ok, I really don’t like any overhead lift… Continue reading