Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Sara

Sara Square

Name and Age: Sara Wojciechowski, 28

Occupation: Hairdresser (color specialist)

My favorite exercise at FGF is:  Bears (seriously), squats, squat thrusters, squat cleans, wall balls.

My least favorite exercise at FGF is: Turkish get-ups (surprise!), plate pushes and head stand pushups.

Tell us about your fitness journey:

My fitness journey started when I was in junior high. I’ve always enjoyed working out, exercising and enjoyed the natural high it has given me. I LOVE feeling and looking healthy/fit and encouraging and inspiring others to reach their fitness goals. My “new” journey began 18 months ago after I had my first child. I say “new” journey because most of you can relate after having a child not only are you more inspired to be healthy for your children but, time is more limited and with that a lot of ‘temptations and challenges can occur’ — like eating processed foods, going thru drive thrus, not getting to the gym regularly, and so on. What once was a life of prepping foods for lunch for the week and hitting the gym regularly turned into an “on the go lifestyle.”

After I had my daughter I was looking for a gym I wouldn’t have to spend hours at to achieve my ultimate fitness goal(s). Since my life of being “on the go” began, I didn’t have two or three hours to waste in any single day as a full time working single mom. I’m a hairdresser at a salon in Spokane where I’m fortunate to have an informative clientele that can give this mom the info she needs about a great facility to work out at. After much discussion with many clients it seems that Farmgirlfit was the new big deal and exactly what I was looking for.

What are your performance goals?

I started FGF back in August 2013 and one of my goals was set on kipping pull-ups. During the holidays we did a fundraiser: Pennies for Pull-ups which encouraged my practice, then soon after I received my purple mustache for doing my first kipping pull-up in December. What I like is your goals are never out of reach at FGF. They will always help you reach the unreachable!

How has FGF helping you become more healthy? What are your goals when it comes to your health?

Farmgirlfit isn’t just a gym you show up at, do the workout, and go home day in and day out. There are nice incentives that come with being a member … weekly subscriptions about healthy eating and and informative literature is something I can appreciate. My goals are to start eating more whole foods, cutting out processed sugar and drinking a lot more water.

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is their ability to make you feel at home! I LOVE that I’m greeted through the front door by my first name. I like that we get to see different trainers each week. I like the people I have met that I can proudly call my friends. I like the diversity: different shapes, sizes, and ages. I like the professionalism. I like that I have accomplished many goals in my short time there. I like that during a workout they don’t make you feel stupid when/if you’re doing something way, way wrong. I like their excitement and energy. I love their dedication to the members, and lastly I really like that they have incentives like BOGO, co-ed days, free yoga, and prizes (I won a sweet tank – thanks!). Oh and I LOVE that FGF is active in our community and hold fundraisers for those in need!!!

How have you integrated the FGF mission outside of the gym?

I have integrated the FGF lifestyle outside by keeping active outside of classes and using the knowledge I’ve gained from the classes in the outside world. I’m eating healthier and following the new achievements and goal boards. Reading the literature posted on FarmgirlStrong helps me stay inspired.

When you’re not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like?

When I’m not at FGF I’m a full time hairdresser at one of Spokane’s top salons, and am the  proud new mom of a beautiful daughter named Reese! I also like to organize … well, just about everything. I like arts and crafts. I like reading Oxygen magazine. I like Pinteresting —  is that a word now? I like being active. I LOVE lululemon shopping in which I will thank all of you guys for getting me addicted to.

Any advice for new members or your fellow Farmgirls?

My advice for new members would be, do not let this process intimidate you! The day I came to sign up it was open gym and Liz was there doing pull-ups (O-M-G!) — I didn’t realize she was a trainer. I stood there watching her do pull-ups, thinking of signing up and getting a tour. When she noticed I was there and she hurried over to assist me — full sweat and out of breath and A LOT of energy. I couldn’t decide if I should tell her I was just lost or just run out after seeing her do pull-ups! I wasn’t sure if I was inspired or intimidated or both. Liz was informative and kind, told me to stick around watch a class in which I did. After seeing the class was so diverse, I felt comfortable knowing I was going to get in the best shape of my life with just girls — no creepy guys gawking. I was in! This isn’t your six-pack-of-abs-only class, but boy are these girls physically insanely fit, including our pregnant ones. I found my home at Farmgirlfit.