Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Jamie

Jamie M

Name and age: Jamie McAtee, 36

Occupation: Founder of Rescue4All and Marketing Director for The Mortgage Firm Lakeland

Tell us about your fitness journey

I have never been a “gym” girl but I have always been an outdoorsy person and love to mountain climb, paddle board and I hike with my dogs.

As far as being consistent with exercise goes…well, for the last few years I haven’t done much of anything. I was eating what I wanted to and had a lot of fun getting to my heaviest weight of 172 pounds; but at 5-foot-2 my tastebuds were overjoyed my self-esteem suffered and in January I just decided to try FGF and it’s been life changing. Continue reading

Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Abigail


Name and age: Abigail Kalk, 24

Occupation: I am a manager for Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters.

Tell us about your fitness journey.

I was active all through high school then a  year after graduation, a few friends of mine wanted to start running and training for smaller events. Fast forward three halves and a full marathon later, I had burned myself out. I spent the next two years on and off of workout and diet trends that I enjoyed for all of about two weeks but could not commit to for long term. Nothing gave me the feeling of accomplishment like running. Cue Farmgirlfit.

If you could tell your Farmgirlfit story in 100 words or less, how would it read?

Intimidated. Nervous. Ginormous butterflies for the first month. The first few workouts I felt out of it and I absolutely hate that feeling, so I refused to stay that way. Every workout I wanted to get better and leave ridiculously sweaty. One day in December with Liz, the end of the workout was a plank sequence. One minute at each: center, left, right, center, then reverse, with the whole thing counting as one rep. I’m not sure what exactly clicked in that moment but I surprised myself and completed three reps and felt invincible! (until the next day when I got my tushy kicked) but from that moment on, I have been hooked. Continue reading