To Grain or Not to Grain?

To Grain or Not

Not so long ago, we were told to “carbo-load” to improve athletic performance.  The best pre-race meal was a plate full of spaghetti.  Then, public opinion shifted completely, almost demonizing breads and other carbs.  General consensus now, though not as drastic, still tends towards a diet with few or no grains.  BUT you will also find plenty of research touting the benefits of eating grains, specifically whole grains, and especially in this month of heart health. So what’s a girl to do? Continue reading

Brainwashed by Sugar

Brainwashed by Sugar

Candy, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, etc.; the traditional sweets that come to mind when we think about what we can’t eat as part of a no sugar challenge.

For the most part, we already know which products are “traditional sweets”, and know we shouldn’t be eating them…but we do it anyway!  Why? You work too hard to be brainwashed by sugar, but in your brain is where the answers lie. It’s all in your head, both literally and figuratively. Continue reading

Rethink Your Drink

Rethink your Drink

Week 2 of our Sugar Freedom Challenge addresses a common occurrence: consuming a significant amount of sugar in liquid form. Many times, we actually drink the bulk of our sugar content — either because we’re unaware that it is even there, or because we don’t have a tangible connection to it (meaning, we didn’t add it ourselves, see it, or smell it being cooked in the oven).  Continue reading

Why Cut Sugar?

Sugar Freedom Board2

Is sugar bad?  What happens to it in our bodies?

The short answer is no, sugar is not necessarily bad.  In proper amounts glucose is converted to energy for our bodies (SWEET)!  However, sugar in excess is converted to fat and stored in the body’s fat cells (YUCK)!

The long answer:  As we digest food, carbohydrates are converted to glucose (a sugar) which is released into our blood stream.  Continue reading