Farmgirlfit Endurance Training


Alright ladies, it’s time to get endurancified! We have programmed and planned endurance training to be included with your regular Farmgirlfit membership. Our goal is to offer this program as a supplement to the normal Grind schedule to help you realize that you truly can enjoy running, biking, and swimming! The best way to get better at something is to 1) Learn how to do the task properly 2) Practice it –  we’ve conveniently set it into your tight weekly schedule 3) Stay motivated – you’ll be with an awesome group of like-minded ladies, and there will be rewards!

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Staying Active on Vacation

Summertime is vacation time — and vacations are an easy time to forget about the hard work you’ve put in and the healthy habits you’ve picked up at Farmgirlfit.

But you’re starting to rethink fitness, so vacations might look a little different this summer. We picked the brains of the trainers at Farmgirlfit to see what their vacation schedules — and suitcases — look like this season for some pointers on how to unwind the right ways.

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Fresh Fish at Williams Seafood

By Leah Sottile Preston

UPDATE: Farmgirlfit Members receive a regular 10% discount on food at Williams by presenting their key tag during checkout.

Are you eating fish? Doctors say that if you’re not, you should be.

In a study done by the Mayo Clinic, doctors found that consumption of fish — which can be loaded with omega-3 fatty acids — could lower risk of heart disease, boost your immunity, and lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and arthritis symptoms.

Far from a coastline, some Inland Northwesterners tend to avoid eating fish — but Mike Offield, owner of Williams Seafood Market and Wines, says that it’s a myth that good seafood can’t be found here.

In fact, at Williams Seafood — which has been located in the Spokane area since 1948 — he can get some fresh fish faster than the fish mongers at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, he says.

That’s because at his market, he buys whole fish — which are then broken down into portion sizes by his staff.

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7 Ways to a Healthy Heart

By Laura WamboldLaura Wambold

Laura is a trainer at Farmgirfit who also works at St. Luke’s in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab as an Exercise Physiologist and holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology.

Enter Laura.

I am very excited to share my first entry to FarmgirlSTRONG during February, which is heart health month!

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