Farmgirlfit Bride: Preparing for the Big Day

In November, Amanda joined Farmgirlfit, in part, to prepare for her June wedding. Amanda is our first of many, beautiful buff brides!  We asked Amanda to share her journey at Farmgirlfit on the blog, and she graciously agreed.  Enter Amanda:

An optimist would say that being a bride is a many-splendored thing. She gets to plan the wedding she’s been dreaming about since she was 10 years old, go to cake tastings with her fiancé, and pick out the dress that will be immortalized in her wedding photos for years to come.

A pessimist like me, however (or as I prefer to call myself, a realist), sees all of these wonderful things and labels them as different forms of stress. “Cake tastings will just make me gain weight and keep me from fitting into my perfect dress,” was my Eeyore mentality. So after I got engaged last spring, I defaulted to what most bride-to-bes do when they stress about their weight: I grabbed a flat of Kirkland Signature weight-loss drinks and vowed to never eat again.

That, of course, worked for about 6 hours. Dieting never was my thing, and I found myself overeating and feeling terrible afterward. I knew I should start working out, but I’d tried the mass gym mill before and it had done nothing but discourage me. Continue reading