Farmgirlfit Member Profile – Xandy

XandyName and age: Xandy Evans, 25

Occupation: Law student

My favorite exercises at FGF are:

Heavy lifts, especially back squats and deadlifts. Cleans and snatches are a bigger challenge for me, but I love them too. They’ve just had to grow on me more!

My least favorite exercise at FGF is:

(Just one??) Burpees, burpee box jumps, and recently PLATE PUSHES.

Tell us about your fitness journey.

I was a competitive volleyball player in high school and that was really my main athletic focus. When I went to college I just went through the paces to try to stay in shape — meaning I stuck with the elliptical machines and maybe did a few of the “weight machines.” I probably only would have gone running if a zombie was chasing me! Needless to say, I was bored. I definitely gained weight in college and I was not happy with where I was at physically when I started law school. Farmgirlfit was just what I needed to mix up my workout routine and challenge me to try different things that I never would have done on my own.

If you could tell your Farmgirlfit story in 100 words or less, how would it read?

Farmgirlfit was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. It challenges me every day and has become a fabulous supportive community of strong women that I look up to and look forward to working out with.

What has been your greatest fitness (performance) accomplishment so far? Do you have a performance goal? 

I have a ton of weightlifting accomplishments that I am so proud of and challenge myself to beat all the time, but honestly my biggest performance accomplishment was completing a half marathon this summer. I would never, ever have signed up for a half marathon if I hadn’t started at Farmgirlfit and though my time was super slow, completing a half marathon is something that two years ago I would have told you I could not possibly complete.

I think my next goals are a 105# shoulder press, a sub-7:30 mile time, and to beat Jenni’s clean & jerk (155#).

How has FGF helped you become more healthy?

Farmgirlfit makes me think about what I’m putting into my body more. I’ve never been one to obsess over food, but I know what food makes me perform better in the gym and makes me feel better overall. Farmgirlfit has made me look a lot more deeply into what I put in my body.

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

The amazing amount of support I get from trainers and other members

When you’re not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like? 

I spend a lot of time at school or thinking about school when I’m not at school. I still play volleyball when I get a chance, I experiment with Pinterest recipes weekly, and I occasionally play fetch with my cat. Law students lead exciting lives!

Any advice for new members, or your fellow Farmgirls?

Don’t get discouraged!! We all have stories about our first day at FGF or about workouts that seemed to last for hours, but we all got through it and kept coming back for more. Everyone has weaknesses, and it’s ok to have to scale things. It’s also OK to sweat all over the floor, because I do it every day.